Dr. Dennis Wong

About Dr. Dennis Wong


Dr. Dennis Wong, Interventional Cardiologist, Cardiac MRI and CT Specialist

BSc (Med), MBBS (Hons), PhD, FRACP

Dennis is an academic interventional and imaging (Cardiac MRI and CT) cardiologist who graduated with honours from the University of New South Wales in 2003. He then completed his basic physician training and cardiology advance training at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. Dennis was the cardiac imaging fellow at the Royal Adelaide Hospital in 2010 and 2011. During this period he successfully completed his training in cardiac MRI (level 3) and cardiac CT (level 2).

Dennis was the recipient of the combined National Health and Medical Research Council and National Heart Foundation Postgraduate Scholarship. He completed his PhD examining the ‘in-lab’ predictors and the role of adenosine stress cardiac MRI after acute myocardial infarction. Dennis was awarded the Dean’s commendation for thesis excellence by the University of Adelaide for his PhD thesis. In 2012 and 2013, Dennis completed his 2 year interventional fellowship and MD on novel cardiac CT techniques for assessment of functionally significant coronary artery stenosis through MonashHeart. He has published more than 30 original manuscripts in leading international journals such as Lancet, Journal of American College of Cardiology, European Heart Journal and JACC Imaging. Besides winning 12 International, National and local Young Investigator awards, he was awarded the RACP Trainees Research Award at the World Congress of Medicine in 2010 as well as the Ralph Reader prize (Clinical Section) in 2013. He was the finalist at the American College of Cardiology Young Investigator Award in 2014. Dennis’ post-doctoral research into vulnerable plaque assessment on cardiac CT is supported by the National Heart Foundation Post-Doctoral Fellowship as well as the NHMRC Early Career Fellowship.

Dennis has an appointment as a CT and interventional cardiologist with the MonashHeart team. He will continue his research in cardiac CT as a National Heart Foundation Post-Doctoral fellow in collaboration with South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute. Ongoing research in cardiac MRI will also be carried out at MonashHeart in collaboration with Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Dennis has been consulting in Mildura Cardiology the last 5 years and in 2014 set up the cardiac CT service in Mildura. He has the passion and dream to bring further advanced cardiac services such as cardiac catheterisation laboratory to Mildura.